Panama Trip 2010

Image # 1. Volcan Baru above Boquete in western Panama

Volcan Baru above Boquete in western Panama

Abbie and I were in Panama from January 9-25, 2010, spending most of the time in the western highlands around Boquete. In Nueva Suiza, west of Boquete, we stayed at a very bird-friendly Inn called Cielito Sur. We also spent a week in the canal area, staying at Ivan’s B&B in Gamboa.

Image # 2. Blue-gray and Cherrie's Tanagers

Blue-gray and Cherrie’s Tanagers, Nueva Suiza

Image # 3. Palm Tanager

Palm Tanager, Nueva Suiza

Image # 4. Clay-colored Robin

Clay-colored Robin, Nueva Suiza

Image # 5. Red-headed Barbet, Nueva Suiza

Red-headed Barbet, Nueva Suiza

Image # 6. Thick-billed Euphonia, Nueva Suiza

Thick-billed Euphonia, Nueva Suiza

Image # 7. Silver-throated Tanagers

Silver-throated Tanagers

Image # 8. White-throated Mountain-Gem, Nueva Suiza

White-throated Mountain-Gem, Nueva Suiza

Image # 9. Golden-hooded Tanager, Nueva Suiza

Golden-hooded Tanager, Nueva Suiza

Image # 10. Green Violetear, Nueva Suiza

Green Violetear, Nueva Suiza

Image # 11. Rufous-tailed Hummingbird, Nueva Suiza

Rufous-tailed Hummingbird, Nueva Suiza

Image # 12. Snowy-bellied Hummingbird, Nueva Suiza

Snowy-bellied Hummingbird, Nueva Suiza

Image # 13. Female Hummingbird, Nueva Suiza

Female Mountain-gem, Nueva Suiza

Image # 14. Violet Sabrewing, male, Nueva Suiza

Violet Sabrewing, male, Nueva Suiza

Image # 15. Sulphur-cheeked Parakeets, Finca Lerida

Sulphur-cheeked Parakeets, Finca Lerida

Image # 16. Rufescent Tiger-Heron, Gamboa

Rufescent Tiger-Heron, Gamboa

Image # 17. Wattled Jacana, Gamboa

Wattled Jacana, Gamboa

Image # 18. Lesser Kiskadee, Gamboa

Lesser Kiskadee, Gamboa

Image # 19. Yellow-tailed Oriole, Gamboa

Yellow-tailed Oriole, Gamboa