The Patagonia Birding & Butterflies Co. provides guiding services for birdwatchers, singly or in small groups, into the outdoors of southern Arizona.
PO Box 891 Patagonia AZ 85624
Ph: (520) 604-6300

Group Size*

1-6 hours

Each additional hour

one $25/hour $20/hour
two $30/hour $25/hour
three $35/hour $30/hour
four $40/hour $35/hour
*Groups of 5 or more require pre-trip arrangements.
For trips of six hours or less, snacks and cold water are provided. Mileage surcharge for using my vehicle: $.30/mile. This applies to all trips, to cover vehicle wear and gas. If I pick you up, mileage starts when I leave my house, but time starts when we leave our meeting place together. If we take your car, I only charge one-way for driving to meet you. Some remote birding locations, such as California Gulch and French Joe Canyon, result in much higher vehicle stress and much worse gas-mileage. These trips will be surcharged additionally at $20 per group.